The Decennial Cencus 2021

Every household is expected to participate

The Decennial 2021 called Census 2021 is a survey which occurs every 10 years which helps The Office for National Statistics paint a complete picture of the nation and how each household lives across England and Wales.

This is carried out by using the same questions for each household, which allows them to compare the different types of groups across the United Kingdom from the information that is gathered.

The data is then used to help organisations make decisions on planning and funding public services in each area, which includes transport, education and healthcare.

It is a mandatory requirement and must be completed by Law and takes approximately 10 minutes for the household and 10 minutes per person to be completed.

It’s then a case of time thereafter for any necessary updates/changes for the better to be implemented as a result of the data retrieved from the survey .

We can then only wonder how far we will have come when it’s time for the next one in ten years time.

Until then, ensure to be proactive/prepared for the coming Census and let’s hope for the most positive outcome of any changes that may be made to our society in due course!

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